Team Improvement's consultants are familiar with a wide range of business systems and industries. They are also aware of the pitfalls of implementing new processes. Team Improvement recognises the problems of traditional approaches to consulting.

Traditionally, new systems, strategies, policies are implemented with the help of external consultants, which means that despite consultation and training, the degree to which employees ‘own and understand’ the transformation and its implications can be limited. Although employees build knowledge rapidly when the consultant works alongside them, they quickly discover their lack of understanding of how and why the system operates when left on their own. Best practice goes out the window and productivity drops off as users endeavour to apply their old processes within the framework of the new system.

Team Improvement Programmes are different.  We view the actual deployment of the new process as only one half of the equation.

The other half is the benefit of working with users to:

  • Evolve existing processes with quick wins and define better ones with insightful questioning
  • Develop implementation goals supporting the strategic plans of their organisation
  • Re- empower the individual to be confidently competent in more productive work processes
  • Build knowledge around how and why the new approach works within their own environment so contribute to continual enhancement

The Programme requires participants to respond to insightful questions that uncover why a process exists and how it can be refined. It encourages innovative thinking by considering how the system could benefit the organisation as a whole and it ultimately endeavours to simplify the complex in order to deliver a solution that is both effective and efficient.